Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

Digital Journo @ The Scottish Sun

Stirling Uni journalism graduate. Ambitious and motivated with a passion for telling stories to an online audience.

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De 2469621a article
The Sun

Dead DJ lay unnoticed for hours after horror smash

A DJ lay dead in a field for hours after his car veered off a rural road early on Saturday.

Kids landscape 2466486a article
The Sun

This lot need a spell on the naughty step

Today's viral video featured Emily and Ethan, siblings who decided to play with the peanut butter.

Emily, 3, decided to give 18 month old Ethan a "bath" - by covering him in the nutty spread.

Here's five more cheeky kids caught doing the funniest things.

Burger 2465136a article
The Sun

Tuck in to 10 of the best burgers

IT'S National Burger Day which can only mean one thing – a round-up of the best beefy goodies Scotland has to offer.